Titanium Scraper IASTM, SENRU,Chinese Gua Sha Treatment,Professional Physical Therapy Tool

Feature:lightweight, simple and elegant, elbows and ankles. Precise, it is very useful gua sha tools perfect for getting around hands, Perfect for use on smaller to medium sized areas of the body. Gets in the nooks. Physical therapy tool, reduce head, neck and muscle Pain, foot, Also can be work on your face.

Use in different parts have different function. Package included:1xpcs gusha tool with well velvet box. Can be a wonderful gift tool to your parents or you friends. It has a stable chemical properties, high hardness and low density, resistance high temperature, anti strong alkali, anti strong acid, resistance low temperature, known as the space metal.

It can also be used for deep tissue work on large muscles like hamstring and calf muscles. 2. So light weight this tool is so light you carry it in your purse all the time so you can work on my neck and shoulders all the time. What is titanium ? titanium is almost the world's only non-toxic metal, it can adapt to the outer space harsh conditions, be a top aerospace materials.

Also can be implanted into the body as part of the body, be a medical machinery materials. The feature of titanium titanium is light as aluminum, hardness as steel, anti-radiation, anti-acid and alkali, never rust What is the benifit of Titanium massage tool? 1. Useful and confortable than other material: Titanium heats up more quickly than the stone or jade ones making it more comfortable to use.

Prossage Heat Warming Relief Massage Balm for Deep Tissue Massage and Therapuetic Massage, Topical Pain Reliever for Soft Tissue Mobilization, IASTM, Graston, Muscle Pain Relief, 14 Ounce Jar

Creates a lasting non-slip glide for graston techniques, deep tissue treatements, sports massages, geriatric massages, IASTM, soft tissue mobilization, and other soft tissue therapies. Easy absorption balm preferred by professional massage therapists and physical therapists for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, and scar tissue scraping.

Professional-grade quality ingredients provide the perfect foundation to reduce muscle soreness and increase circuation during a massage. The full line includes oil, cream, balm and salve formulations so you can effectively engage and treat soft tissue restrictions. Massage balm provides warm therapy pain relief for sore muscles and joints and is enriched with vitamins for exceptional skin care benefits.

Prossage soft tissue therapy is a comprehensive line of products that target and enhance soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage treatments and a range of other soft tissue therapies. Made with menthol and lavender oil and enriched with Vitamins A, gluten, NSAIDs, B5, and E, does not contain nut oils, C, or parabens.


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